Thursday, September 15, 2011

Vườn Nhạc: Thuyền trăng - Vọng cổ (Thanh Ngân)

Vọng cổ (literally, reminiscing the past) is a genre of Vietnamese folk music that is often associated with the southern part of the country. The lyrics are often deep, praising morality and noble qualities in life. In this piece, Ms. Thanh Ngân, one of Việt Nam's most renowned opera actresses, performs a song titled "Moon Boat." The moon, when covered by the clouds, is likened to a mind shrouded by illusions about our inner Nature: We tend to forget that we are the Light, pure, bright, and elegant. It is a very Zen song, encouraging us to be in touch with the spiritual aspect of our being.

Vọng cổ: Thuyền trăng
Sáng tác: Thanh Phong
Trình bày: Nghệ sĩ ưu tú Thanh Ngân