Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Vì Sao Ăn Chay: Ăn chay bảo vệ ruột (Mai Duyên)

Vegetarian diet may prevent bowel disease
AAP, The West Australian  July 25, 2011, 1:00 pm

Vegetarians are a third less likely to experience a common bowl disorder than meat eaters, UK researchers have found.

With the number of people having diverticular disease rising in western countries, University of Oxford researchers wanted to look at whether vegetarians were less likely to develop the condition because of their high fibre diets.

The disease affects the large bowel or colon but it is not known whether it is caused by people not eating enough fibre.

The researchers looked at 47,033 people, including 15,454 vegetarians, who took part in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition study and found 812 cases of diverticular cancer.

After adjusting for factors such as smoking, alcohol and weight, vegetarians were found to have a lower risk of the disease compared with meat eaters.

Those with a relatively high fibre intake of about 25g a day had a lower risk of being admitted to hospital with or dying from the disease compared to those who consumed less than 14g.

The research was published in the British Medical Journal. 

Ăn chay bảo vệ ruột
Mai Duyên

Các nhà khoa học Anh phát hiện rằng, ăn chay có thể giúp giảm đáng kể nguy cơ mắc bệnh về ruột. Cụ thể, theo Hãng tin New Kerala, các nhà nghiên cứu thuộc Đại học Oxford thấy rằng, những người ăn chay giảm được khoảng 30% nguy cơ mắc bệnh túi thừa (một dạng bệnh về ruột phổ biến) so với nhóm ăn thịt, cá hoặc ăn cả thịt lẫn cá.

Bệnh túi thừa được xem là do cơ thể không được bổ sung đầy đủ chất xơ. Để rút ra kết luận trên, các chuyên gia khảo sát ở 47.033 người trong suốt gần 12 năm.